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Digital collaboration is broken

In 1980, Steve Jobs said that the computer is the most remarkable tool we’ve ever come up with: it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds. Unfortunately, the last 30 years have instead led us to something more like a hamster wheel for humans.

Information is scattered across siloed tools, context and conclusions are lost in endless chat threads, and the most widely used tools have become dumbed down and inflexible in the pursuit of removing friction. They're easy to learn, but hard to use.

Unlike a bicycle, the computer rarely feels like an extension of yourself.

Pioneering a different approach

What if you could work with any type of information on the same platform? No rigid data structures or unbendable interfaces – just you, your team, and your data.

The simplicity of a notebook, backed by the power of a graph database. Lightning fast, and equally suitable both for structured data and for quick notes and thoughts. Extendable in all directions, via robust APIs and views that adapt to your needs.

A combination of simple concepts come together in a uniquely powerful package: a bicycle for your mind.

Wide industry experience

A core team of experienced developers, technologists and founders, with backgrounds ranging from global technology leaders to fast-paced startups.

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